Steve Argüelles

Divining Sticks

Imagine the languishing sound of a Teppaz, a complete set of drums, and an artist travelling across silences : This is Steve Argüelles playing his Divining Sticks.

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Improvisations that speak with admirations 4'20" audio-icon
Side riding of old jazz folk 5'01" audio-icon
The scene of a dues paying member 3'24" audio-icon
Here for Kenny Wheeler 5'00" audio-icon
Here for Lol Coxhill 2'57" audio-icon
Here for Steve Lacy 3'15" audio-icon
Here for Lee Konitz 3'44" audio-icon
Looped Unlooped 4'40" audio-icon
Double shuffle with the town tra 2'27" audio-icon

Additional information about Divining Sticks

Full credits

Musicians -- Steve Arguelles Assistant : Matthieu Lefevre
Recording -- Philippe Teissier du Cros at Temple Saint Marcel 75005 Paris, France, 20th & 21st june 2013
Assistants -- Simon Lancelot, Maël Vallin
Mixing -- Philippe Teissier du Cros at Studio Boxson, Paris, France
Realisation -- Laurent Ciron
Film direction -- Laurent Ciron assisted by Igor Juget
Film Editing -- Alex Nicolas
Photos -- Raphaël Jonin, Tom Van Den Heuvel
Making off -- Alain Le Kim
Eye Of -- Joséphine Demerliac