When you’re humble and reflective; when you prefer the intimacy of soft lighting and a direct and trusting relationship with the artist in order to put the finishing touch on a project, there’s one profession in the music industry that will inevitably come to you and impose itself : Mastering. If you add to this a natural talent and a lot of hard work, you’ll become a sought-after “master” of mastering.

After working several years in France’s most prestigious recording studios like Translab and Dyam Music, Raphaël Jonin set up his own studio : J.RAPH.ing. Over the years, he has learned to make the widest range of sound waves sublime, sometimes by hardly doing anything – just a simple and inspired touch; sometimes by equalizing, compressing, and manipulating the signal to bring out the best in it.

He has worked on many international projects, collaborating with the most legendary studios in the world of mastering. Very often, it’s Raphaël’s work that will be chosen because he gets right down to the essence with taste, insight, simplicity, and natural authority.

After all these years and thousands of albums, Raphaël is actively involved in the creation of the “aos-music.com”  website. Always trying to go further, never giving way to routine, his unique experience serves a never-failing technical and artistic commitment, with real passion for challenging human adventure.