A sound engineer for thirty years, Philippe Teissier du Cros has recorded and mixed about one thousand albums. His work is based on respect for the artist who he serves in the best possible way through his continuous attention to the artist’s well-being, combined with a total commitment to sound quality.

His high-level equipment (microphones, converters, tape recorders, specific analogue peripherals, etc.) allows him to have a simple yet high standard approach resulting from numerous experiments. As a specialist in acoustic recording, Philippe is devoted to the concept of “all together in the same acoustics” in order to capture the originality of the music with all its distinctive features, its inner feeling, its rough edges: everything that makes a recording great and unique. In fact, his methods are similar to those of the great masters of sound engineering from the glory days of the record industry, and it’s something he’s proud of.

Music is his life and he certainly appreciates the national and international awards that punctuate his career: BBC Awards, Album of the Year, Les Victoires de la Musique, Chocs de l’Année, and others. In the solitude of his creativity and professional commitment, the opinion of others means a lot to him.

But beyond the media recognition, nothing is of greater value to him than sharing a long lasting musical adventure with a great artist.

Creating the “” website enables him to offer the most accomplished projects in terms of technique. His passion for great sound that initially drove him to become a sound engineer remains intact, and Philippe continues to serve music more than ever.