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Vertical Mic

Who we are

We are Raphaël Jonin, Philippe Teissier du Cros, Jean-Yves Munch, sound engineers in the recording industry for thirty years, and Laurent Ciron also sound engineer and film director for television. What is most important for us and what we have most in common, is our passion for sound.

We’ve lived through the evolution of recording techniques : the end of analog, the rise of digital recording, the various systems of signal compression such as MP3, and finally, high definition. High definition comes at a time when we’re witnessing the gradual disappearance of the actual physical product. The future seems bright for HD files… And that’s good news!

Of course, we love vinyl records, half-inch master tapes, beautiful album covers, and luxurious CD box sets. But with distributors and retailers continuing to withdraw from business, and the limitations of the 16 bit / 44.1 format, we are forced to reinvent, to look at things in a different way. Thanks to our website, it’s now possible for us to produce and directly distribute projects in high definition. The once unavoidable intermediaries are no longer necessary. This gives us greater freedom, greater creativity, and real close contact with sound enthusiasts all over the world.

What we do

We produce HD files that are thought-out and developed right from the start with the artists. We free composers as well as performers from the dynamic, spectral, and spatial limitations of the sound message. They don’t have to worry about technical issues and their artistic intentions will be fulfilled. Since the musicians we’ve accompanied for decades trust us, they grant us a great deal of creative freedom. We respect them and they respect us.

Thanks to our outstanding equipment and the experience we’ve acquired on countless projects, we totally master the entire sound production process.

We also greatly value the direct relationship we have with our clients. Why do what everyone else does? Like the artists we produce, we wish to establish a partnership with you that goes beyond the basic dealer-customer relationship. Discussions, interviews, and documentaries will allow you to react to our experiments. You’re welcome to exchange ideas with us. Don’t hesitate to propose custom-made recordings that we can produce together based on your imagination.

Architekt of Sound online Label, for uncompromising sound quality serving music and music lovers.

Architekt Of Sound